Where did the cricket ashes come from

We all know that the Ashes are one of the cricket tournament played between England and Australia. It is one of the international cricket plays since 1882. There is usually a trophy at the end of the tournament, which is believed to be made from ashes resulting from Bunning cricket equipment.

where Ashes come from

 While we have been the loyal fans to this tournament, many of us particularly, who prefer Ashes streaming don’t realize where the tournament originates from.

Are you among them? Do you have any idea concerning where the cricket Ashes come from did? Don’t bet, you have opened this piece of work because you want to know. Ok.

The idea started in 1882. This year, the Australian cricket team beat England. They then marked their first official win by burning the bails. It was also a way to mark the first-ever official cricket game. Little did they know that they are breeding a new and famous tournament that will come to be loved by many fans around the world.

How did the name become that official? The ashes are not either from a human being but the ashes are from the burnt bails. The name becomes famous from one editorial paper and one of the famous in England during that time. The paper was to mock the cricket team and tell the truth to the public that the cricket has died and Ashes taken by Australia.

So, the tournament is for England to try and bring the cricket ashes back. But it is not always that they must win. Australia still has some claim of the ashes.

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